RS049: Risks in Open Source Development – WordPress Plugin Project #4

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RS049: Risks in Open Source Development - WordPress Plugin Project #4

Welcome to WordPress Plugin Project #4.  Today Dave and I are catching up right on the heels of Dave’s return from Big Snow Tiny Conf West where he was MC and conference organizer.  Sounded like a fantastic time and a great type of meeting for anyone to attend who is serious about moving their business forward.  These smaller, mastermind like events are so intimate that they often lead to huge breakthroughs for all who attend.  If you’re interested in attending next year get on the mailing list now.  It’ll sell out early.

In this episode we’re catching up with our WP Plugin project and in particular some aspects of Open Source development that are unique to this product.

There are always risks when developing a software product.  In the WordPress space, or in Open Source in general, there are a couple of unique risks and areas of exposure that we must consider.  Thanks to Phil Dirksen and Michelle Suranofsky in particular for their in depth feedback and comments about the project and their own approaches to WordPress development.  

As Dave and I consider which problem to solve and which angle we’re going to take on this project it’s so nice to hear from people who have either been there (and done that) or those who are going through the process right along with us.

We’d love to hear more from you about the project and what you’re up to in your development efforts. Drop us a line at or hit us up on Twitter @RogueStartups.  Look forward to hearing from you.