RS046: Live WordPress Plugin Development Project #1

Rogue Startups
RS046: Live WordPress Plugin Development Project #1

Today Dave and I begin the first of a multi part series around developing a WordPress plugin, live on the air.  We will go from problem statement, to product validation, to preselling, to outsourcing development, and finally to launching and selling the plugin.

As with most things in the bootstrapped startup world this will be an exercise of learning on our feet, and we hope you enjoy the journey along side us.

In this first episode we begin the process by discussing the best ways to define a problem worth solving, what markets we want to target, and how to best go about identifying that potential product/market fit.  This is a huge step in the process and one that definitely warrants the time and energy that goes into getting this step right.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and what suggestions you may have for us.  Particularly if you’ve developed or maintained a WordPress plugin before.