As online entrepreneurs we have but a handful of true hard assets that we own.  The one universal asset that every successful entrepreneur agrees that must be maximized is your email list.  Today our guest on the show is Matt Paulson, author of Email Marketing Demystified, and all around email marketing expert.

In the show today Dave and I dig into some email marketing best practices, some tools that you can use to ensure the health of your email list and it’s deliverability ratings, a host of other tools to help you keep your business competitive online, and some of Matt’s perspectives on buying vs. building websites, and investing in small businesses.

Resources Mentioned

You can reach out to Matt directly on Twitter @MatthewDP, or connect with him directly on Facebook.  If you are at all interested in maximizing your business then you need to get serious about building an email list, and getting the most out of that list.  To do so you’ve got to learn the ropes, and learn from the best. Both Dave and I have read Email Marketing Demystified and can’t recommend it enough.  A must read!