Today Dave and I are catching up on our businesses, potential asset acquisitions, and how we’re scaling our businesses.  After a near miss for Dave we discuss what we’re both learning as we’re looking at acquiring online assets, what we’ll do differently going forward, and how that’s affecting the rest of our businesses.

After Dave had deep dive into a mid six-figure deal he’s learned a lot about what due diligence is like on a deal of that magnitude, how he can be honest with both himself and his wife, and what the mental side of putting that kind of capital to work is like.  After our experience at Rhodium weekend we both learned a lot about the importance of buying a stable asset, and putting a large amount of capital to work is a big part of that.  Small sites just aren’t as stable as bigger ones are, but with that security comes a lot need for focus…something that doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Craig has been hard at work streamlining the day to day operations of PodcastMotor and has finally succeeded in it.  The production team is handling the vast majority of the podcast production now.  It’s been a long time coming, but it’s great to get the feeling that the team is where it needs to be and we can start ramping up our customer base now.

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