Continuing on our focus of buying and selling sites after Rhodium Weekend today Dave and I are pleased to welcome Thomas Smale, co-founder of FEInternational to the show.  If you’re looking at  either buying or selling a website Thomas is an absolute expert on the topic.

Thomas has been a featured speaker at Microconf Europe this year, and today we dig into not just the ins and out of how to buy a site, but some of the macro economic factors in the website acquisition space.  This area is fraught with questions, uncertainty, and changing dynamics that you have to be aware of regardless of what side of that equation you’re on.

If you’re in the position to sell your business, or looking to sell, Thomas offers some great insight into what makes a business particularly sellable.  Good sellers are ones that have documentation, a team in place, and systems to execute the business without the founder being involved on a daily basis.  

With so many founders looking to acquire a site these days we talk about why the discrepancy between sellers and buyers.  The fact is that today, even with multiples being higher than they’ve ever been, buying a site can be a really attractive option to entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in either buying or selling a web based business you can learn more about Thomas and FEInternational.  Their blog is also a great resource to keep you informed about the best practices in the micro-M&A world.  

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