Today Dave and Craig catch up with bestselling author Taylor Pearson to discuss the topic of his new book, The End of Jobs.  They dig into all aspects of the changes in the new global “sharing” economy and what that may mean to new entrepreneurs, parents, and anyone who’s looking to stay ahead of the curve in life.

As the global economy continues to change, Taylor sees a massive shift in the way that business operate, people can find chances to be successful, and how our societies are changing from typical employment roles to more of an entrepreneurial based system.  The chances for anyone to make an impact in the world is increasing every day, and harnessing the connectedness of the internet and rapid communication only makes that easier.  This applies to almost every aspect of life and work.

Taylor feels that no ‘jobs’ are safe as the workplace continues to change.  Whether it’s medicine, law, engineering, or teaching, the online world, entrepreneurship, and people looking to make a mark on their niche will continue to do so in unique ways.   As founders we need to not only acknowledge this, but embrace it as well.

Dave and Craig, both parents, also dig into what Taylor sees this means to schooling and how people will raise their children in the future. Admittedly the education system in America is built around the typical 9-5 job that was born out of the industrial revolution.  Is that still the best way to teach and raise children in this new age?  A good argument can be made against it for sure.

Taylor is also a huge fan of the apprenticeship model to increase the velocity of applied learning.  Taylor says that the lessons he learned as a part of the Dan and Ian’s Tropical MBA’s team was invaluable to him now as an entrepreneur.  In fact, he’s so passionate about this that he’s put together a site to help founders and aspiring entrepreneurs connect.  Head over to to learn more.

Taylor’s new book, The End of Jobs can be found on his website and on Amazon.  To find out more about Taylor and some of his latest projects, head over to  You can also connect with Taylor directly on Twitter @TaylorPearsonMe