Today we catch up with Todd Henry, bestselling author, teacher, and speaker, to talk about the importance of finding your most authentic, true voice.  This is important in content marketing, branding, and customer engagement alike.  Todd has some great insights as to how we as startup founders can create this voice within every aspect of our business.  As this voice remains constant it helps us gain trust with customers, a clear identity within our marketplace, and a brand we can stand on for the long term.

Todd has spoken widely on this topic and his own authority in the space is undeniable.  Todd has 2 bestselling books on content creation and branding, Die Empty and The Accidental Creative.  He is also the host of a long (and I mean long) running podcast called The Accidental Creative. In it’s 10th year now, Todd has been consistently publishing great content to help founders, businesses, and organizations continue to produce high quality content for their audiences.  

Whether you’re a tech startup, a blogger looking to find their way, or a marketing director in a big corporation the discussion I have with Todd will really be a refreshing change in perspective.  Gone are the hacks, tips, and tricks of content marketing.  Here you’ll find out how to really find that voice that resonates not only with your customers, but invigorates you to stay the course and pursue your business dreams.  

Todd’s newest book, Louder Than Words, addresses this head on, and has interviews and case studies from some of the biggest names in the business.  Todd has put together an absolute reference on the way you can build that most authentic, true voice that will ring loud and clear with your audience and build the brand you’ve always dreamed of.    

You can learn more about Todd and find information about his books and podcast at  Todd can also be found on Twitter @ToddHenry.  

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