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Welcome to Episode 26 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Today Dave and I jump into the world of finding, hiring, and managing a remote team.  Specifically we’re focusing on managing technical staff, namely developers, and how to bring this process from beginning to end successfully.

There are several things to consider when working with a remote team.  For Dave and I the highest priority is communication.  This comes in several forms.  One is language skills.  If they’re not domestically based is their writing and communication skill high enough to convey messages across a long distance?  Often a lot is lost in translation in these instances.

Continuing the communication discussion, one other thing that is a major consideration is time zone differences.  Unless your team member is very self sufficient then it won’t be possible to work well without at least a 4 hour overlap with your home time zone.  Outsourcing to India, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia in general is very popular, but this requires a bit more work at times because of the time zone differences for US based companies.

The process to recruit, test, and select a developer include:

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