Looking to purchase a website to build your portfolio of online assets?  Today Dave and I are pleased to welcome Chris Yates to the show.  Chris is the co-founder of BuyingAndSellingWebsites.com and RhodiumWeekend.com, and has extensive experience in buying and selling online properties.

The real gem here isn’t just how to buy and sell websites, but how Chris and his business partner David Gass have built a real, sustainable business in a realm where there is plenty of scammers, “easy wins”, and less than reputable deals.  Chris and David have bought and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of sites, and have evolved that experience into the premier conference around this topic:  Rhodium Weekend.

Rhodium Weekend is a 2 day conference in Las Vegas every October that focuses solely on the acquisition and management of websites.  Initially niched into just buying adsense and affiliate sites, Chris and David have evolved this conference into more of high level mastermind like meeting where power players from many different aspects of online business.

For me though, the best part of this conversation was how Chris and David have built culture, mission, and vision around their business.  These are integral parts of building a large, sustainable enterprise that will go the distance, and outlast even you as the founder.  Dave and I both learned to take the time, and take a step back from the day-to-day of the business to really evaluate what you’re doing in your business.  If you can’t answer what your vision, mission, and goals are TODAY, then you need to figure that out before taking one more step.

As listeners to the Rogue Startups podcast, Chris has extended a very valuable offer.  Head over to rhodiumweekend.com/rogue and you’ll be able to sign up to receive videos and info from the past 2 years of the Rhodium Weekend conference.  This is the first time this kind of information has been extended to anyone but those how have attended the conference.  Thanks so much to Chris for this generous offer.

To find out more about Chris and what he’s up to, head over to chrisyates.org, and if you’re interested in learning more about the Rhodium Weekend Conference, head over to rhodiumweekend.com.  I believe both Dave and I will be there in October.  Be a great time indeed.

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