Welcome to Episode 19 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  This week I’m flying solo as Dave is out, but I’m excited to bring onto the show my friend Sean Marshall.  In a lot of ways Sean epitomizes what it means to Go Rogue and really take life by the proverbial horns.

For the past 5 years Sean, his wife, and their 3 young children have been traveling the world, all while growing a successful marketing business.  Sean has learned a lot along the way about what it means to do “Slow Travel” well, especially with the kids, and feels like at this point they’ve really got it nailed.

Life on the road has a lot of compromises, challenges, and at the same time opportunity for excitement.  Learning to take advantage of these opportunities is the key to long term travel, and overcoming some of the challenges that come with life away from some of the luxuries of home, wherever that may be.

If you want to learn more about Sean’s journey and get some awesome resources from him about how he left the comforts of home behind so successfully check out his website, Family Rocketship or on Twitter @FamRocketship.

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