RS017: Bryan Harris on Email List Building and Effective Sales

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RS017: Bryan Harris on Email List Building and Effective Sales

This week I am very happy to welcome Bryan Harris on to the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Dave is out this week, but Bryan and I had a really great conversation on the power of email marketing, list building, and how to effectively sell.

Bryan has written extensively on how to get started with a service based business, in fact this article was the roadmap I used to start PodcastMotor.  It’s a great example of how Bryan conveys complex messages very simply in a way that you can take action and accomplish your goals.

Bryan has recently launched an app to help you build your own email list.  ListGoal is a Chrome plugin that helps guide you through the process of list building step by step with targeted guidance along the way.

The power of an engaged email list is perfectly represented in Bryan’s most recent launch of his flagship course, Get 10k Subscribers.  We touch on the launch of the course in today’s episode, but Bryan breaks down every aspect of it in a recent blog article.  If you’re even thinking of building and launching an online course then this is something you should read, at least twice.

If you want to check out more of Bryan’s writing and information around sales, marketing, and email head over to  You can also hit him up on Twitter @Harris_Bryan.

Take Action

So here’s the takeaway for you:  In the comments below let us know what you’re going to do THIS WEEK to move your email list forward.  Whether it’s to email them some great new content, write a custom content upgrade, or create that email course you’ve been talking about.  Go make it happen and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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