This week Dave and I get a chance to catch up on the latest with SupportVine and PodcastMotor.  Both of us have been busy doing email outreach and getting some really fantastic results using it to get in touch with potential customers.  Dave has been using it to get feedback on positioning SupportVine within the app support space, and Craig has been using it to reach out to new PodcastMotor customers.

To get a good overview of CanSpam, check out this guide.  Please be careful with emailing and the spam regulations.  You can quickly get yourself and your business in trouble with regards to these regulations.

The goal of any email campaign is to begin and further a conversation.  Offer value, support, and resources in any email you send to potential customers.  From there keeping track of those email conversations, whether using tags or in a CRM like or Streak is a great way to follow up with potential leads.

If you’re looking to turbo charge your emails check out and Bryan Kreuzberger.  He’s a magician at crafting compelling emails that convert.

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