Welcome to Episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast. This week Dave discusses his top take-aways from Microconf, a popular “self funded” conference held every April to connect founders who are creating online businesses and doing it with non-typical startup funding methods.

Dave’s top topics include a talk from Steli from Close.io on pursuing the deal until the last door closes and one from Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers on the importance of optimizing not just your headline but your buttons as well.

Rob Walling calls in with a voicemail and talks about the why he thinks it’s crucial to avoid distractions and double-down on your focus.  We add our thoughts on systematizing your business. Are you making the most of your time and sourcing out things that take away valuable time from what you really need to be doing?

Kyle Brown highlights some keys to doing that in his book, Systematize.  We are strong believers in taking things off your plate to give you time to concentrate on growing your business. It can be a bit tricky, but the guys break it down with some solid ideas.

Another great resource for this is Sweet Process.  You can check out this tool that specializes in processes and procedures documentation for your team.  Former guest of the show Brian Casel was one of the original members of Sweet Process, so you know it’s the real deal.

Craig announces some exciting news for the podcaster as he unveils an upcoming way to create a unique voice and you can learn more over at EssentialPodcasting.com. If you are looking to create a podcast that matters, this is the help that will get you on the road to do just that.

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