RS161: Optimizing Freemium with Ed Freyfogle

On today’s episode, Craig speaks with his guest Ed Freyfogle about freemium software and services. Ed is a developer and Co-Founder of OpenCage Data. Today, he explains the day-to-day challenges of running a business and why freemium is an important facet of OpenCage’s success. Topics: Geocoding services and why it’s important to be able to … Read more

RS160: Getting through the Desert

Today Dave and Craig talk about the difficulties of finding product/market fit in a business. The ‘desert’ in business is that time where you’ve ventured out to try something new, have an inkling of where it might lead, but still have a long way to go before you realize that vision. Thanks to Jordan Gal … Read more

RS159: Integration Marketing in Practice with Courtenay Farquharson

This week Craig has on the show a special guest, Courtenay Farquharson from Parserr. Courtenay is a fellow bootstrapped founder who has grown Parserr (an email parsing and processing SaaS app) from zero to well into the 5 figures MRR largely through integrations in popular marketplaces like Zapier, Microsoft Flow, and other B2B connectivity platforms. … Read more

RS157: Scaling LinkedIn Outreach with James Kennedy

Today Dave and Craig sit down with James Kennedy to talk LinkedIn outreach. As opposed to the overly saturated cold email outreach many consultants, productized services, and agencies have seen tremendous results by using LinkedIn to find highly qualified leads for their business. In this episode James talks through the process he follows, tools he … Read more

RS156: How 2018 is Shaping Our 2019

Instead of the typical “2018 Review and 2019 Goals” Dave and I decided to mix things up a bit here with our end of the year episode. 2018 overall was a great year for us both, but as we gained more experience, and a few bruises along the way, it’s taught us what’s really important … Read more

RS071: Avoiding Shady Business Practices

Both Dave and I have few developments within our businesses this week.  With the end of the year coming Dave has seen a steadying of business over the last few months as opposed to the ups and downs that he saw previous years.  He attributes this to content marketing and steady advertising on several select … Read more