RS177: Better SaaS Onboarding with Jane Portman and Benedikt Deicke

Today Craig has on Jane Portman and Benedikt Deicke, the team from Userlist is a lightweight customer communication tool for SaaS applications, and in this episode Craig, Benedikt and Jane dig into many aspects of email onboarding for SaaS. Specifically they talk about: Why custom events are better than tags Where and when in-app … Read more

RS176: How a Market Influences Your Success

Today Dave and Craig catch up on updates in their businesses and talk a bit about market dynamics and the influences that they have in your businesses success potential. Dave just recently released a major point version of his AWPCP plugin, which has been a long time coming now and introduces automatic renewals for their … Read more

RS175: Castos Joins TinySeed, and the NoCode Movement

In today’s episode, we discuss a variety of topics, including Craig’s Castos getting accepted into TinySeed and the growing No-Code movement. Tune in to hear us discuss these things plus the limitations of Excel, the general need for more distraction-free time, and so much more. Topics: Castos was accepted into TinySeed Pushing sites updates The … Read more

RS174: Getting All Political

This episode is a slight departure from the normal startup-y banter between Dave and Craig. After a horrific school shooting at the school where Dave’s children go there is a lot of unrest in the Denver community around school safety, gun control, and what everyone can/should expect at the intersection of those few parts of … Read more

RS173: Loops Over Funnels

In this episode, we discuss some changes to our recording process, growth within our own companies, and having a holistic marketing plan. Tune in to hear us discuss all these things and more. Topics: Recording with Zoom. Getting reviews from customers. Attending FentoConf Growth and progress. Having a holistic view of your marketing plan. Measuring … Read more

RS171: Running a Portfolio Business with Kevin McArdle

In this episode, we are joined by Kevin McArdle, the Co-Founder and CEO of SureSwift Capital, a holding company that acquires and operates small businesses in perpetuity, Tune in to hear us discuss how SureSwift Capital maintains its portfolio and important tools that keep the company running. Topics: SureSwift’s operating infrastructure. Why and how SureSwift … Read more

RS170: Doubling Down on What’s Working

This week Dave and Craig catch up on their businesses after a few weeks without updates. Craig is looking forward to the end of the year to put together a SaaS specific founder retreat in Tuscany, Italy toward the end of the year. If anyone is interested in joining head over to and drop … Read more

RS169: Headwinds and Tailwinds in Your Business

In this episode, the discussion surrounds the tailwinds and headwinds of business. Tune in to hear this discussion about the ways in which business has changed and can potentially change in the future. Topics: A message from Rob Walling regarding their MicroConf episode. The binary thinking of the MicroConf community. How MicroConf and other conferences … Read more

RS168: Microconf 2019 Takeaways

In this episode, Craig and Dave break down MicroConf, how to decide which conferences to attend, and how to implement new marketing tactics, among other things. Tune in to hear this discussion about conferences and how you can get the most out of attending them. Topics: The general consensus about MicroConf. Learning about new marketing … Read more