RS184: Founder Mental Health

This week Dave and Craig talk about something that none of us really love chatting about, but it absolutely needs to be addressed. How this path we’ve chosen is tough, full of uncertainty, and can definitely lead to burnout. Dave has been feeling some frustration with consulting clients, and the cumulative weight of it is … Read more

RS183: Almost Quitting a Successful Business

In this episode Dave and Craig talk through a few updates and the very compelling article from Alex Turnbull, the founder of Groove on what it’s like to grow a company to $500k/mo MRR and then realize that the house is crumbling down all around you. Resources Mentioned Original Groove article Groove article (part 2)

RS182: Marketing Attribution, and a Few New Hires

In this episode, we discuss upping Podcast Motor’s marketing game, what’s new at Recapture, and making new hires for the first time ever. Topics:  What we did on our summer vacation. The current state of Podcast Motor. Hiring a full-time marketer or sales team. Updates on Recapture. Using Google Analytics to help customers track their … Read more

RS181: Better Website Personalization with Shai Schechter of RightMessage

Today, on Rogue Startups, Craig has a conversation with Shai Schechter from RightMessage. Together, they discuss how Shai and his team got started, acquired funding, and then later pivoted their business. Tune in to hear about all of this and more! Topics: How Shai’s team got started with RightMessage Raising capital for RightMessage When and … Read more

RS179: The Future of WordPress Rant

In honor of Craig’s absence, I am going to rant about WordPress with special guest, Matt. Matt and I go on an extended rant, where we break down all our issues with WordPress, past and present. Topics: The new Guttenberg format The installs required for the new format vs. the classic editor The Pearl community … Read more

RS178: Cognitive Biases That Affect Our Decisions

On this episode of Rogue Startups, we discuss cognitive biases and how they affect your decision-making process. Tune in to hear us discuss various types of biases that affect the way we do business every day. Topics: Craig and Dave’s respective business and personal updates How bias is unavoidable The survivorship bias Confirmation bias Innovation … Read more

RS177: Better SaaS Onboarding with Jane Portman and Benedikt Deicke

Today Craig has on Jane Portman and Benedikt Deicke, the team from Userlist is a lightweight customer communication tool for SaaS applications, and in this episode Craig, Benedikt and Jane dig into many aspects of email onboarding for SaaS. Specifically they talk about: Why custom events are better than tags Where and when in-app … Read more

RS176: How a Market Influences Your Success

Today Dave and Craig catch up on updates in their businesses and talk a bit about market dynamics and the influences that they have in your businesses success potential. Dave just recently released a major point version of his AWPCP plugin, which has been a long time coming now and introduces automatic renewals for their … Read more

RS175: Castos Joins TinySeed, and the NoCode Movement

In today’s episode, we discuss a variety of topics, including Craig’s Castos getting accepted into TinySeed and the growing No-Code movement. Tune in to hear us discuss these things plus the limitations of Excel, the general need for more distraction-free time, and so much more. Topics: Castos was accepted into TinySeed Pushing sites updates The … Read more