RS137: Entrepreneurial Families

Today Dave and Craig talk about raising kids and living in entrepreneurial families. As our lifestyles allow us a lot of flexibility to moreso “live life on our own terms” it also poses a bit of responsibility to teach our children about things that they might otherwise take for granted.  For instance if your children … Read more

RS136: Nailing Demo Calls

Today Dave and Craig are talking all about selling, and in particular selling on demo calls. If you have a more advanced app, or one with a higher price point, chances are good that you’ll need to conduct demo calls with potential customers in order to close those sales.  These are great opportunities for you … Read more

RS135: Reflecting on Success with Rob Walling

Today Dave and Craig have on Rob Walling from Startups For The Rest Of Us podcast.  Rob is probably no stranger to many of our listeners (as it was a major inspiration for this show in the first place), but much has changed in Rob’s life personally and professionally in the past few years. In … Read more

RS133: Conference Recaps and SaaS Growth

Today Dave and Craig catch up after Dave has been gone for back to back weeks at conferences.  These times to get together with our peers and others in our industries are invaluable to those of us working remotely. First Dave hit up his 8th MicroConf where he got some great insights and inspiration. Then … Read more

RS129: Humility, Hiring, Trailer Hitches and being “That Guy Who Buys SaaS Apps”: Secrets of JD Graffam’s Success

JD Graffam owns several startups all focused on design and technology. His main business is Simple Focus, which is a web design company that focuses on user experience. Today, JD chats with Dave and Craig about his businesses, what makes an acquisition appealing, and why humility is so important to success. Topics: Simple Focus’ customer … Read more

RS128: GDPRmageddon

This week Dave and Craig catch up about everyone’s new favorite subject: GDPR. In our respective businesses Dave is awaiting approval of his Shopify app for Recapture. After a few submissions he’s hoping this will be the one where the app is approved and available in the store…which will create a huge new growth lever … Read more