RS145: CoFounders and Outside Funding

Today Dave and Craig talk through things to take into consideration when adding any type of outside resources to your business. Either taking a cofounder to compliment your existing skill set or taking outside funding will certainly move your business along faster, but each come with their own unique set of considerations. Are your goals … Read more

RS144: The 6 Steps to Nailing your SaaS Trial

Today Dave and Craig walk through the 6 steps to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your SaaS trials.  From a great blog post on 500 Startups from the team at Autopilot lays out a great framework you can use to evaluate how you’re currently structuring your SaaS trials, and where you can … Read more

RS143: Resurrecting Zombie Customers

Today Dave and Craig talk about Zombie customers in Saas.  Specifically, how to identify those customers who are not active, how to deal with payments for customers who are not active (and not getting value from your tool), and how to go about encouraging those customers to re-engage so that they will get value from … Read more

RS142: Freemium vs. Free Trial

Today Dave and Craig talk about the merits of Freemium as an acquisition channel versus just offering a free trial for your SaaS app. Resources ProfitWell article on Freemium vs. Free Trial Phantombuster  

RS140: Product Visionary vs. Product Leader

In this episode Dave and Craig are catching up with some updates after a few weeks off, and digging into the differences between being a product leader vs. product visionary. With summer in full swing Dave has been traveling with the family a bit and is already gearing up for the Black Friday holiday rush … Read more

RS139: Winning Customer Success with Val Geisler

Today Craig is chatting with onboarding specialist and all around marketing pro Val Geisler.  Val was the first marketing hire at ConvertKit a few years ago, and after building up their systems and processes for really scaling marketing is now focusing on providing onboarding and customer discovery for B2C SaaS and eCommerce businesses. In this … Read more

RS138: Automating Medium Touch Sales

Today Dave and Craig are talking all about marketing and things that they’re both doing to drive more eyeballs to their businesses. Dave is in the midst of some product development efforts that ought to bring a unique angle for Recapture as things are getting into the holiday season for the eCommerce world.  Having learned … Read more