RS239: Setting Goals and Priorities

This week’s episode is all about goal setting and making priority lists. Craig starts the podcast off with an app suggestion for people who like to (or need to) work off of to-do lists. Dave talks about updates on Recapture. They also talk about short-term and long-term goals. What do you need to do in … Read more

RS230: Do you EOS?

On this episode of Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about the newest member to the Castos team, expanding time zones and work hours for customers, integrations and plug in news for Recapture, Black Friday, and unplugged time. After talking with some of the people from Big Snow, Dave ponders over EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System).  … Read more

RS155: The Product Market Fit Engine

Today Dave and Craig are talking through a session from Business of Software 2018 entitled “The Product Market Fit Engine” by Rahul Vohra, CEO of Superhuman. As the title suggests Rahul has created a predictable and repeatable process around creating (and improving) the degree of product market fit for SaaS products. Maybe the best part … Read more

RS154: Facebook Ads Teardown with Mojca Mars

Today Dave and Craig are welcomed by Mojca Mars from Super Spicy Media to talk all about Facebook advertising.  This is not some esoteric episode with theoretical advice for you. Here we talk through real life examples from Craig’s actual currently running Facebook ads for Castos. Mojca has some great insights for us all in … Read more

RS153: Lessons Learned from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today Dave and Craig talk about their experiences, and those of others who have shared some awesome data, about the performance of this years Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. While it’s important to talk not just about the deals, revenue, and conversion rates the underlying “WHY” of these promotions is important.  What are you … Read more

RS151: 15 Things We’ve Learned This Year

This week ahead of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season Craig and Dave look back at 2018 a bit and the 15 things they’ve learned throughout the year about their businesses. Many of these were positive lessons, but some were tougher “learning opportunities” from which we’re stronger now, and hope we can … Read more

RS150: Avoiding Feature Creep in your SaaS App

Today Dave and Craig are talking about how to avoid feature creep and maintain the core purpose and user experience that your application was originally set to have. Inspired by a tweet from previous guest on the show and host of the Bootstrapped Web podast, Brian Casel, it’s nice to talk not about the places … Read more