Today Dave and Craig are talking all about marketing and things that they’re both doing to drive more eyeballs to their businesses.

Dave is in the midst of some product development efforts that ought to bring a unique angle for Recapture as things are getting into the holiday season for the eCommerce world.  Having learned more about the customers and their habits Dave is gearing up for some unique Black Friday targeted promotions and product releases that ought to really move the business forward.

Craig has been working on building out a webinar strategy for Castos.  He did his first one about 3 weeks ago and has the first joint webinar on July 11 with Devani Anderson where they’ll be talking about building podcast communities with Facebook groups.

Dave and Craig last talk about how they can both automate some of the more medium touch sales process with things like email marketing, pre-recorded webinars, and other evergreen content that will bring in engaged prospects, nurture them through the process, and hopefully make the selling process easier to manage at scale.

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