RS261: Optimizing Speed vs. Quality

How does quality control testing work in e-commerce? In the podcasting world and with abandoned cart recovery, it can be a hassle for smaller companies. In this episode of the Rogue Startups podcast, Dave and Craig talk about what they do to overcome the challenge of optimizing quality versus releasing updates and features in a … Read more

RS258: Crafting a better Product Process with Craig Zingerline

How do you play product offense? In the decision-making process, how can you tell the differences between elective decisions and core features? Customer retention. Customer experience. Team priorities. Everything is affected by the product process.  Today, host Craig Hewitt is talking with Craig Zingerline about the product process, which is a process both Craigs feel … Read more

RS251: After the dust settles

Dave and Craig are back again with updates on working full-time and new developments in Castos. Since his decision to go full-time with Recapture, Dave has seen a number of wonderful changes in his life. He goes over that, as well as the feedback he has received since announcing his big decision, and the power … Read more

RS242: Tangents

In this episode of Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about what Q1 has looked like for both Recapture and Castos. In addition to that, they cover a wide array of topics in this episode. As the vaccine rolls out, what is going to happen to office spaces and remote working? What does the growth/outlook … Read more

RS241: Marketing Update, and Investing

In this episode of Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about the 2021 BigSnow “conference”, marketing and conversion spreadsheets, an update on Dave’s investment journey, Q1 rocks, and Craig’s horrible internet connection. They also talk about the concept of kaizen (making little changes) in business and for your health. What are your thoughts? Do you … Read more

RS234 Election Predictions and Structuring A Black Friday Deal in SaaS

In this episode (recorded on Election Day), Dave and Craig are talking about the big topics: elections in the United States and Black Friday. This 2020 election has been about straddling lines: blue versus red, mail-in ballots versus in-person voting, etc. Craig talks about explaining the electorate voting system to adults and how difficult that … Read more

RS232: What It’s Really Like To Live Abroad

In this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast, Craig is joined by Steve Mcleod from the Bootstrapped podcast. Steve is also the founder of Feature Upvote and the acquirer of Saber Feedback. Bootstrapped has been creating helpful episodes for software bootstrappers since 2013. The formatting of the show consists of episodes which are interviews with … Read more

RS231: Maximizing Your Luck Surface Area

Dave and Craig are back behind the mic. This week they’re talking about being pulled in different directions, bookkeepers, and perseverance. How long is too long when it comes to being persistent? They’re also covering updates on Castos and Recapture, along with Dave’s Tweetstorm about luck surface area.  We would love to hear stories about … Read more

RS230: Do you EOS?

On this episode of Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about the newest member to the Castos team, expanding time zones and work hours for customers, integrations and plug in news for Recapture, Black Friday, and unplugged time. After talking with some of the people from Big Snow, Dave ponders over EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System).  … Read more

RS226: The Coronavirus Pivot with Alex Theuma

In this episode, Craig sits down with Alex Theuma (Founder and CEO of SaaStock). They go over conferences, the SaaS industry, and how the coronavirus is affecting everything.  Alex talks about the perks and pitfalls of online conferences. He summarizes some of the lessons when transitioning from in-person conferences to online conferences. They also chat … Read more