RS005: Reboot – A New Beginning

This week we’re very excited to announce that the Rogue Startups is now TWICE as good.  We now are doubling up on the podcast with a co-host.  Dave Rodenbaugh was a guest on Epiosde 3 of the show and now is going to be a full time host on the show.  If you haven’t listened … Read more

RS003: Dave Rodenbaugh on SupportVine, Buying Websites, and Outsourcing Development

Sit down and prepare yourself for a massive knowledge bomb!  This week I sit down for a really fantastic conversation with startup founder Dave Rodenbaugh.  With extensive experience in Java development for companies as large as NBC, Dave has been strategically moving his focus towards building his portfolio of web properties.  In the conversation today … Read more

RS002 – Dave Schneider on Ninja Outreach and Life as a Digital Nomad

Welcome to the Rogue Startups Podcast, Episode 2 with David Schneider.  David is an internet entrepreneur and has been living the digital nomad lifestyle for several years now.  Learning many of the fundamentals of SEO, marketing, and entrepreneurship over the course of a 2 year trip around the world, David quickly realized that his vision … Read more

RS001 – Justin McGill on Workado, 24 Hour Launches, and The Importance of Perseverance

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Today I sit down for a chat with Justin McGill, founder of Workado.  Workado is a project management SaaS app for digital marketing agencies.  Justin launched Workado just a few months ago and is seeing solid success already, and has some great plans for grown very soon. … Read more

RS 000: Prologue

Welcome to the Rogue Startups Podcast.  This will be a brief introduction to what you can expect from the Rogue Startups Podcast.  Our first guest will be coming in the next couple of days, and I’m very excited to share these guests and their extensive knowledge with you.  I’m a firm believer in optimizing the … Read more


[podcast_motor_player url=”″ title=”RS000 – Prologue”] Welcome to the RogueStartups Podcast.  We’ll be releasing our first episode shortly, but first I wanted to give everyone a taste of what to expect on the podcast.  A preamble, if you will. First a bit about me. Like many of you I’m a newbie tech entrepreneur who comes from … Read more