RS013: Jordan Gal – Jumping Off The Deep End

This week we are pleased to have Jordan Gal of Carthook on the show.  Jordan sits down with Dave and I to talk about a touchy subject:  Leaving a high income day job.  Or as Dave puts it:  Jumping off the deep end without a life jacket. This is probably the biggest fear new entrepreneurs … Read more

RS012: Watch Your Assets!

This week Dave and I sit down for a chat about building the Assets and minimizing the Liabilities in your business.  As with regular business, in the bootstrapped entrepreneurial space Assets are things that give you either more time or more money.  Conversely, Liabilities are things that consume unproductive time in your day or cost … Read more

RS011: What Is Your One Thing?

Welcome to Episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast. This week Dave discusses his top take-aways from Microconf, a popular “self funded” conference held every April to connect founders who are creating online businesses and doing it with non-typical startup funding methods. Dave’s top topics include a talk from Steli from on pursuing the deal … Read more

RS010: Microconf – Live, Raw, and Uncensored

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Rogue Startups Podcast.  This week is coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas.  Dave brought the podcasting mic along with him to Microconf, a popular “self funded” conference put on by Rob Walling and Mike Taber every year.  Microconf is THE place to go every April to connect with … Read more

RS008: 50 Shades of Burnout

In this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast Dave and I welcome Mike Taber to the show. Mike is the co-host of the ever popular Startups For The Rest Of Us podcast, cofounder of Microconf and the Micropreneur Academy. Mike is also getting ready to release a new book, called the Single Founder Handbook. This … Read more

RS007: Using Video to Market Your Products

In this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast Dave and I talk all about the best practices when it comes to the use of Video in marketing your products. There are some clear winners in this space and they should be recognized. Powtoon – DIY Explainer Videos Rob Walling – Drip Explainer Video (Bryan … Read more

RS006: Scaling Productized Services with Brian Casel

Today Dave and Craig are very excited to welcome Brian Casel to the show.  Brian is THE Authority on building and scaling Productized Services businesses.  Brian has been building and refining RestaurantEngine for the past few years and at this point it is fully self-sufficient.  In the show we dig into how he got started … Read more

RS005: Reboot – A New Beginning

This week we’re very excited to announce that the Rogue Startups is now TWICE as good.  We now are doubling up on the podcast with a co-host.  Dave Rodenbaugh was a guest on Epiosde 3 of the show and now is going to be a full time host on the show.  If you haven’t listened … Read more