RS297: YouTube Channel Teardown with Josh Howard

Today’s episode is all about YouTube SEO. Craig is joined by Josh Howard, YouTube expert. Josh shares his knowledge about how to rank your video #1, and how to be successful in constructing a dynamic script and structure for your channel and individual videos. He also shows this information in action by analyzing Castos’ YouTube … Read more

RS295: SaaS Sales Masterclass with Matt Wolach

Matt Wolach is a genius at closing. Today, Craig gets the opportunity to pick Matt’s brain. They chat about why most people don’t close deals and what they can do to fix that. They wax poetic about outbound leads. How do you generate them? Where does it work best? Not to mention, they also talk … Read more

RS293: The Risk Of Your Brand w/ Ed Freyfogle

Craig and Ed chat about all things bootstrapping, personal branding, social media, and growth trajectory. They also do a bit of catching up. Ed provides a unique perspective on these topics in addition to trying to convince Craig to move back to Europe. Ed is the co-founder of OpenCage which provides a geocoding API (which … Read more

RS292: Only the Most Important Things

Work smarter on things that really matter instead of working harder on things that make no difference. Today Craig talks about what he has learned about prioritizing, focusing, and honing in on tasks that really mean something. Between his professional experiences and input from his business coach, he’s learned that there isn’t a magic fix-all … Read more

RS291: Hacking Customer Research with Asia Orangio

On today’s episode of Rogue Startups, Craig chats with Asia Orangio from DemandMaven about customer research, marketing essentials, and how to stand out from your competitors. Asia also talks about what DemandMaven can do for their customers and how she gets value from Castos. Not to mention, the importance of clarity, dedication, and discipline. Asia … Read more

RS290: Sharing The Journey

Craig chats about the difficulties of starting a journey (or continuing a journey) by yourself. Whether it’s business or if it’s a creative endeavor (like a podcast), going at it alone can be hard. How do you motivate yourself? How do you get out of a creative block? How do you convince yourself that you … Read more

RS289: Where Branding Goes Wrong with Ruben Gamez

On this episode of Rogue Startups, Craig chats with Ruben Gamez, the founder of Bidsketch and SignWell. Ruben shares his opinions and tips about various marketing strategies, branding, and growth. In addition to talking about the podcasting industry and Castos, Craig and Ruben also dive into how to proactively find deals and connect with customers. … Read more

RS288: Pointing The Finger

As founders I think too often we celebrate only the wins in the business, but we don’t take a critical look at how we could actually be the thing holding our business back from prospering. I’ve had a big breakthrough in this realm lately where I’m being open to the concept that I could be … Read more