RS277: Getting Value From Conferences

Dave and Craig dive into the concept of hiring above and below, creating focus days, and evaluating the value of industry conferences. What kinds of benefits do you get from attending industry conferences? How do you buy back your time? Any tips on how Craig should find his first DnD group? We’d love to hear … Read more

RS275: When And How We Delegate

In this episode of Rogue Startups, the focus is on BigSnow takeaways and reflections including prioritizing, delegating, and focusing on important tasks. How do these things differ for small businesses versus big businesses? What is the difference between the EOS role chart versus Dan Sullivan/Dan Martell’s A-B-C task prioritization? Which roles should be outsourced and … Read more

RS274: Chat GPT, The Economy, and New Realities

ChatGPT seems to be on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days, so today we’re talking about what it means for social media, web content, and the podcasting industry. Not to mention, Dave just can’t quit Twitter and Craig tries to develop his personal brand. They chat about the current state of the economy, title … Read more

RS273: Relentless Focus

It’s a new year which means that businesses all over are going through the OKR process and the annual planning phase for EOS. In this episode, Dave and Craig talk about how the processes are different for them this year. How do you say no to everything except what you need to do? How do … Read more

RS272: A Few Year-End Reflections

It’s the beginning of 2023, which means it’s time to reflect on what we learned from last year. Craig shares his hot take on the recession and Gumroad. Dave compares this recession to the previous ones they have lived through. They analyze trends from Q4 and look forward to what 2023 could bring. Not to … Read more

RS271: Long time, no podcast

What is going on with these VC companies? How do you weed out the riff-raff when you offer free trials? Are you a SaaS owner and have you done an audit on your expenditures? Has it really been a couple of months since our last update? Dave and Craig are back with company updates and industry … Read more

RS269: Been a while…updates and positioning

Who are you? Who is your company? Who does your company serve? Positioning is important for a number of reasons. It gives you and your company a sense of purpose and direction. But finding your niche isn’t as easy as it may seem. Dave and Craig are back! Today they’re talking about all of the … Read more

RS268: Lessons Learned Hiring Standout Developers

What is the difference between a CEO’s mindset and an operator’s mindset? What are lessons you’ve learned about hiring good developers? How do you do a technical evaluation for possible developers? As Dave nears his one-year reunion as a full-time entrepreneur with Recapture, he shares some of the lessons and realizations he had learned in … Read more