RS289: Where Branding Goes Wrong with Ruben Gamez

On this episode of Rogue Startups, Craig chats with Ruben Gamez, the founder of Bidsketch and SignWell. Ruben shares his opinions and tips about various marketing strategies, branding, and growth. In addition to talking about the podcasting industry and Castos, Craig and Ruben also dive into how to proactively find deals and connect with customers. … Read more

RS288: Pointing The Finger

As founders I think too often we celebrate only the wins in the business, but we don’t take a critical look at how we could actually be the thing holding our business back from prospering. I’ve had a big breakthrough in this realm lately where I’m being open to the concept that I could be … Read more

RS287: Stepping Back As CEO with Meryl Johnston

Today Craig chats with Meryl Johnston, founder of BeanNinjas and host of a new podcast The Lifestyle Accountant Show, the podcast that helps today’s accounting firm leaders build successful businesses while living healthy, happy lives.  Being able to work less but still watch your company thrive and grow is the goal for many entrepreneurs out … Read more

RS286: Building A Media Brand

In this solo episode of Rogue Startups, Craig gives listeners an update on his business, the future of the podcast, as well as his thoughts on how to successfully build a media brand. What is your goal when you post on social media? How do you earn the respect and trust of your audience? Do … Read more

RS285: Podcasting vs Youtube & Founder-Led Marketing with Rob Walling

Today, Craig chats with frequent guest Rob Walling, entrepreneur and podcaster extraordinaire, about marketing and branding when it comes to SaaS businesses and podcasting. They also talk about utilizing YouTube as a platform for growing your audience. After writing a book, Rob has professional insight when it comes to writing for different mediums: long-form books, … Read more

RS284: Next Level Marketing with Colin Gray

Today Craig chats with podcaster and speaker Colin Gray about podcast marketing, community opportunities, and branding. Craig and Colin share their unique perspectives on the business of podcasting based on their years of experience as podcast hosts, CEOs of successful podcasting companies, and their passion for helping fledgling podcasters make their mark. Besides discussing their … Read more


In the 8.5 years of Rogue Startups and the 280+ episodes, Dave Rodenbaugh has joined me (Craig) in chronicling our journey as founders and building our businesses. In that time, Dave has grown 2 WordPress plugins, sold those businesses, acquired a SaaS business called Recapture, grown it to go full time and quit his consulting … Read more

RS282: AI, Transitioning From Founder-Led Sales, and Productized Services with Joel Klettke

In this episode of the Rogue Startups Podcast, Craig talks with Joel Klettke, the founder of Case Study Buddy. They cover everything from AI to full-time employees versus part-time contractors, to productized services.  How do you get in the right brain space in order to delegate, trust, and effectively hire people to work alongside you … Read more

RS281: The State Of SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing is a difficult world to navigate. How do you evaluate growth in your business? We all know that niching down is important, but how do you know where to focus your efforts? Time spent on trial and error is only effective if you can make an educated decision based on data, but how … Read more